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Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Mysterious Egg

The goblin trading principle of 'Hard to Find' states that if something is hard to find or difficult to attain, it will fetch much gold in the World of Warcraft. This fact was made clear to me one day in Dalaran.

I was hanging out at the Hero's Welcome (the Alliance Tavern in Dalaran) waiting for the Wintergrasp timer to tick down with a few mates when this goblin walks up from the sewers holding something mysterious. Without any introduction he walks right up and says "Have I got a deal for you!"

Now there's a few things that can to be said about goblins. One is they are very sharp traders and the other is that they don't take no for an answer. So it was the sucker in me that said "what's that your holding?"

"It's a mystery", said the goblin.
"Looks like an egg?"
"It's a Mysterious Egg!", said the goblin.
"Will it allow me to feed my group when on a raid?", I asked.
"That would be a Small Feast."
"Can I use it for a Monster Omelete?"
"No, no that would be a Giant Egg!", sighed the goblin.
"I give in"
"You keep it warm for 7 days and it hatches into a little pet".
"That great! What kind of pet?"
"That's the mystery."
I eyed my new, smelly little friend with suspicion.
"No really," explained the goblin, "no one knows until it hatches."
"OK, I'll take two."
"No can do, Amigo - it's soulbound. But I'll sell you the pet when it hatches which is BoE."
I said the goblin magic words: "How much?"
"For you, Friend, cos I like you, 200 Gold"
"By the Titans of Ulduar, are you off your trolley?"
"Listen, Friend," shouted the goblin, "you have no idea how hard it is to get these eggs!"
I admit, I didn't, but knew he was going to tell me.
"You have to first befriend a funny looking group of Murlocs in the Sholazar Basin; then fight ferocious, furry puppy dogs; and finally kick the butt of a really hard dude hanging out in cave until you are revered. Only then will these guys sell you an egg."
I was impressed. " Sounds like a steal."
"Sold to the Mage with the funny haircut!"

By grinding repution to at least Revered with the Oracles will give you access to their Mysterious Egg. Hatch the pet and sell it for much gold on the Auction House

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Happy Hatching!
Marcus Ty

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