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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Gold Making Secrets of the Goblin Traders

From the Gold Making Guide and Journal of Marcus Ty

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You have chanced upon an extract of my Journal and World of Warcraft Gold guide in which I have chronicled my trials at making easy wow gold. I have written many entries in my Journal, but this one deserves special attention as it lists the hints and tip on making gold from those tricky of traders, the Goblins.

The Goblins are a strange – and some say, deranged – race that have managed to co-exist with both Horde and Alliance factions in many lands, relying on both their trade and engineering skills to barter an uneasy neutrality. As such, the major Goblin towns of Gadgetzan, Booty Bay and Everlook are perhaps the only locations in Azeroth where both Horde and Alliance factions can come together and freely trade with one another – provided their weapons are sheathed. These towns feature neutral auction houses that, while not linked to either Alliance or Horde establishments, enable trade items to pass between opposing factions. This has enabled some to establish a lucrative trade in ‘pets’, with fluffy rabbits from Dun Morgh a favourite among the Horde who prefer them tenderised. All auctions are cunningly handled by the neutral Goblins.

Now, no one trusts a Goblin, but all admire their skill in barter and trade. It’s wise to keep a firm hold on your purse strings when attempting to buy from these shady of wheeler-dealers lest you walk away from the transaction lighter in gold and without a shirt on your back. But much can be learned from these slippery of creatures when it comes to our own trading.

Here are five top Goblin trading tips:

1. Don’t be shy
The first lesson from the Goblin school of trading is ‘don’t be shy’. You’ll often hear the Goblin traders hawk their wares by shouting to all who walk within earshot. ‘Have I got a deal for you’, is commonly heard up and down the streets of Gadgetzan and the boardwalks of Booty Bay. A brief stroll through the Goblin streets of Everlook will have your ears ringing with the cries of the Goblin Merchants.

We can use the Trade Channel is a similar way. If we have just crafted a ‘Shining Silver Breastplate’ and posted it for auction, it helps to tell the world about it. ‘Get your Shining Silver Breastplate, now in the AH – good price!’ You’ll be surprised how many whispers you’ll get asking ‘How much!’ As the Goblins say ‘if you don’t tell, you don’t sell!’

2. Get the price right
Now the second Goblin lesson on trade was said to have been stolen from the Gnomes: ‘Don’t sell yourself short’. Make sure you don’t under price your goods. Always check the latest prices by searching for the item in the Auction House and price your item accordingly. At the same time, look out for items that have been priced too low. You’ll often find new players pricing their items at very low or silly prices. Snap-up these items by placing a bid or buying them out. It’s worth a punt. PS If you want some excellent gold making advice from a high level Gnome, then watch this video!

3. Avoid competition
The third Goblin lesson on trade was taken from the Elves who prefer to trade one-on-one. It can be summed up in the phrase: ‘A word in your ear’. The Elves often avoid the competition of the Auction process by announcing an item on the Trade Channel and asking folk to ‘whisper’ them if they have an interest. This technique needs some skill if you are to close the deal. Once a price is agreed, the trade is made using the Trade panel.

4. Seek out the lone traders
You’ll also find many a Goblin trader wandering around Azeroth. These lone traders often possess one-of-a-kind items that are much sought after in the Auction House and often sell far above the merchant’s price. An example is Kzixx (Rare Goods) found in Duskwood, on the road to Darkshire, who sells many limited supply items including the recipe for Holy Protection Potion. A good reference for traders selling rare and hard-to-find items is Valkors Gold Making Guide who has compiled a huge list of sought-after patterns and recipes and which sell for a ton of gold at the Auction House.

5. Seasonal sensitivity
The Goblins have a saying: ‘Snow in the dale, its time for the Winter Veil’. They also say: ‘Don’t eat Dragonbreath Chilli on your first date’, but that’s another matter! The point being that the price of many goods sold at the Auction House will have a seasonal value. For example, the price of Small Eggs are much in demand at the time of Winter Veil to make the quest item of Gingerbread Cookies. Luke Brown's Gold Making Guide goes into some detail on the wow money making opportunities of seasonal items!

So, be you Horde or Alliance, there’s something to learn from the Goblin traders.