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Monday, 25 February 2008

The World of Warcraft Big Bag Guide

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You have chanced upon an entry of my Journal and World of Warcraft Gold Guide in which I have chronicled my efforts at wow gold farming. In this section of my wow gold guide, I concentrate on how to make easy wow gold through the canny use of buying, looting and questing of bags up to 16 slots.

As a young Mage in my early levels I had lost count of the number of boots worn bare by the constant running back and forth to Auction House to empty my puny little bags of looted items during my daily grind for wow gold. The Dwarves of Ironforge would fall about laughing at the sight of my tiny sacs when buying a round in the Bronze Kettle and I tired of the Elves giving me sympathetic advice on how best to increase their size. But it was a Gnome who gave me sound advice and told me straight: ‘Sonny, don’t sell yourself short. To grind efficiently, you need to buy more bags’.

Now when it comes to the subject of bags, don’t listen to those big girls the Elves, whose main use of their bags is as off-hand weapons during tavern brawls. Instead, listen to the Orcs on this matter who have a saying: ‘The bigger da bags da better’.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to wow gold farming, you need as much bag space as you can afford as early as possible. There are number ways to obtain more bags: purchase a bag, as a reward from a quest, craft them or grind them.

Now bags come in all colors, shapes and sizes; but, if we listen to the Orcs, the only thing we need worry about when it comes to grinding for wow gold is the number of slots that they provide. The more slots a bag contains the more expensive it is to purchase. So in your early levels (5-10), you’ll probably only be able to afford a 6 slot bag for a few silver coin. You’ll find vendors selling 6 slot bags in many of the towns; but check out the Auction House, as you’ll likely find a few bargains from those players with the Tailoring profession. Depending on how well you make gold in wow, you may stretch to an 8 slot bag, but greater than 8 slots and you’re looking at paying in gold coin.

Now those with the Tailoring profession clearly have an advantage when it comes to their bags as they can craft all their needs and find ready buyers for their surplus in the Auction House.

The first bag that Tailors learn to craft is the 6 slot Linen Bag which can be found on the Auction House for a few silver. My strategy for low level alts is to fill all my available slots with these bags as early as possible. Tailors then move on to crafting 8 slot Woolen Bags or various colors, which are little more expensive, but should still be in your price range.

Now, if your purse does not contain the necessary coin to purchase a bag at this level, and you are not a Tailor, you are left with acquiring additional bags through drops and quests. Quite a few mobs drop 8 slot Leather Bags, but the frequency is not great; you’ll have more chance with those quests which reward you with a bag. In general, the greater the number of slots a bag has as a reward, the greater the difficulty of quest, and the higher the level you’ll need to be.

For a 6 slot bag, try the quest ‘Miner’s Fortune’ from the Wharf Master at Rachet, who rewards ‘Old Moneybag’, a 6 slot bag. For an 8 slot bag, try the quest ‘Captain Sander’s Booty Bag’ which is only available for Alliance characters at Westfall as part of a series of quests ‘Captain Sander’s Hidden Treasure’.

Alternatively, you could try asking a kind Tailor via the Trade Channel to craft you a bag - providing you supply the mats. Many Tailors will be happy to do this as they have the opportunity to advance their profession with no cost to themselves.

If you are really desperate - or just like fishing - you can try fishing in the canals and pools of the major cities. Drops of bags can be obtained this way, but you’ll need the patience of Pat Nagel!

After 8 slot bags, Tailors can learn to craft a 10 slot Silk Pack from acquiring a pattern drop; but, you’ll more likely find 12 slot Mageweave Bags for sale in the Auction House for several gold coins.

For those of limited coin, or who have yet to learn how to make cheap wow gold, try the quest ‘Digging Through the Ooze’, Wetlands. The reward is 10 slot Ooze-covered Bag. For a 12 slot bag, a ‘Sturdy Lunchbox’ can sometimes be had from drops from mobs of Venture Co. Foreman, Stranglethorn Vale. Alternatively, try grinding Swirling Vortex, Thousand Needles, which can occasionally drop a 12 slot Large Knapsack.

As your wow gold farming progresses, and you move up the levels, you’ll need to look to equipping 14-16 slot bags. For 14 slot bags, your options are limited. You either have to resort to the Auction House where tailors will be selling 14 slot Runecloth Bags or try for a drop of a Troll-hide Bag or Journeyman’s Backpack; however, these are not very frequent and the mobs are often Elite. For those with a few more wow gold to spare, you’re better off with buying either the 16 slot ‘Mooncloth Bag’ or a 16 slot Netherweave Bag. For those with the Tailoring profession of 300+ skill, the crafting of these bags is a good example of how to make easy wow gold, as the bags are always in demand - at least on my server.

Monday, 11 February 2008

How To Make Easy WoW Gold

Making gold in WoW doesn't have to be hard. By applying some basic gold making strategies, based on the gold economy of the World of Warcraft, anyone can obtain cheap WoW gold quickly and easily without having to grind away for hours at a time.

I'm always amazed when reading other peoples posts on blogs and forums when they describe the thumb-breaking methods they use to make a few gold coins in WoW. A typical post always seems to begin with someone’s 'secret' grinding spot where - at level 70 - they pull a mid-level mob and spend the next hour grinding them into oblivion for a few silver apiece and the occasional drop of a green. Rinse and repeat for the next 8 hours, they advise, and you might have enough gold coin to pay off your bar bill at the Pig and Whistle (Stormwind)!

Not that I'm against grinding the occasional mob, but I normally do it as part of a quest or to obtain a particular item that I know will sell well on the Auction House. By combining questing with grinding, you'll level faster and make wow gold with greater ease. This is, in fact, what Brian Kopps advises in his famous Alliance leveling guide. You'll level faster by questing and grinding - not just grinding.

And you would be wrong to assume that you have to have reached level 60 - 70 to farm for World of Warcraft gold. It certainly helps if your only strategy is to mass pull mobs and grind for hours, but there are many more ways to make easy wow gold than just grinding.

As an example, I created a Gnome alt based on the Warlock class - no particular reason, except I haven't tried that combination before. I leveled him to 5 in about 30mins and trained him in the Mining and Engineering professions - a gathering and crafting profession that compliment one another. Level 5 is the earliest that players can train for a profession. I then ran a route around Dun Morogh and built up a stack of copper which I then auctioned for several gold coins on my server. Copper still sells very well on most servers due to the high demand from all the crafters – Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Engineering, etc.

Now, the gathering of a stack of copper took me no more than about 15mins, which equates to about 6-8 gold/hour. For a low level character, this basic strategy is a more efficient – and predictable - way of generating gold than trying to grind endless mobs. The same principle applies to the other gathering professions – Herbalism, Skinning and Fishing (yes, fishing). By supplying what’s in demand in the Auction House, you’ll make gold fast.

To continue with this example, my Gnome alt used his newly acquired gold wisely and bought and sold a number of selected items from the Auction House and quickly built up his stash to 25 gold coins and a few silver in loose change! Knowing how to work the Auction House in your favor is a big factor in building your stash of cheap wow gold. If you haven’t yet mastered the Auction House, I would recommend you invest in Lukes’s Gold Guide who has a very good section on Auction House strategies.

With a few more hours of gameplay under his belt, my Gnome alt is now level 10 and has a stash of a little over 50 gold coins. But here’s the thing: I’ve managed to level up his Engineering to 165! This was funded from buying most of the materials from the Auction House by careful and artful trading.

So, you don’t have to be a high level player to make gold in wow. With a good combination of profession and an understanding of the Auction House, you can make easy wow gold at any level.

PS. I’m now creating a whole tutorial on my Gnome’s gold making exploits – complete with video guide – free to my subscribers. So watch this space.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Farming The Blue Pearl

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Here's a gold farming tip that's achievable for those players that can reach the Vile Reef in Stranglethorn Vale. Alliance players must get to the coast overland, but the Horde can get there very easily via the Grom ' Gol Base Camp by Zeppelin. Here's a hint: purchase an Elixir of Water Breathing potion from the Action House!

The Blue Pearl is used as a reagent for Flash Bombs and thus in demand. They are also a quest item via the Badlands 'Pearl Diving' quest. I've made a short video to show you how to farm the Blue Pearl which sell for about 10-20g a stack on my server.