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Friday, 9 May 2008

Getting to Level 70 in Double Quick Time

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Those of you who have followed my adventures in my Gold Making Journal and in this blog will know that I started my guide at level 60. In my guide I take you through the fundamentals of making wow gold quickly and easily so that you can buy the best gear and eventually your epic mount.

I was happy to stay at level 60 for many months, but decided it was time to take up the banner against the Burning Legion and go forth through the portal with The Burning Crusade and strive to reach level 70 as quickly as possible.

One of the many strategies that Team iDemise (an affiliate partner) use and other leveling gurus is to level faster is a technique called 'Quest Circles' where they complete a set of closely related quests to gain maximum experience in the shortest amount of time. I used a variation on this technique which I call 'Quest Spirals' - but essentially they are the same thing.

The advantage of this system is that they combines them with a cunning in-game addon which lists and describes all the relevant quests enabling a player to quickly lookup details without coming out of the game.

And I finally did it. I'm now a fully fledged level 70!

Once I reached level 70 a number of options opened up for me. In Shattrath City the Flight Master bid me fly to Shadowmoon Valley and seek out the Dwarves of the Wildhammer stronghold. There I should purchase 'Expert Riding' from Isa Blusterbrew - but it would cost me 800 gold! I would then have to fork out another 100 gold for the mount.

Fortunately, 900 gold is not a problem for me, but if you are still struggling, I advise choosing one of the guides I promote on the sidebar. If you are still not sure, you can always subscribe to my free Gold Making Guide which will get you started. I'm currently working on version 2 as we speak which will expand on the gold making of The Burning Crusade and help you get gold for your flying epic mount.

Note: This option will only be available to subscribers of my first journal - so make sure you subscribe.

I created a short video on buying my first flying mount.