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Sunday, 1 March 2009

WOTLK Mammoth Gold Guide

I was in Ironforge a few days ago doing a bit of trading with one of my alts when a group of level 80 dudes starting gathering in front of the Auction House.

All were riding mammoths!

I thought this looked very cool so I took short video and gave them a wave. Having finally reached level 80 several weeks ago, I thought it time to get me a Mammoth mount! But where do you get one?

The obvious place to look for a Mammoth once you reach Northrend is the Dalaran market place. There you'll find Mei Francis (Exotic Mounts) who supplies Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, an Epic mount that also carries vendors. Handy if you're gathering, but expensive at a staggering 20,000g if you are only Neutral with the Kirin Tor.

If you are still lusting after this mount and have the cash, then you might want to improve your reputation with the Kirin Tor to Exalted, which will drop the price to a mere 16,000g, but still a Mammoth amount of gold.

A much cheaper Mammoth option is to find favor with the frost giants of Storm Peaks by grinding reputation with the
The Sons of Hodir. The Quartermaster Lillehoff will sell you two types of Mammoth: Reins of the Ice Mammoth for a mere 900g once you reach Revered, and
Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth once you have reach Exalted.

Gaing reputation with
The Sons of Hodir is straight forward once you have completed the quest chain They Took Our Men! began by Gretchen Fizzlespark in K3 within The Storm Peaks.

The quests that follow on from this chain turn into a set of 4 Daily quests that will increase your reputation with this faction. In addition, many NPC that you grind in this area will drop Relic of Ulduar which can also be traded in for additional reputation reward. Relics are not Soulbound and so can be traded on the Auction House for much gold if reputation with the frost giants is not what you want.

I'm now very close to gaining Revered with The Sons of Hodir so I'm off to buy my Mammoth.