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Friday, 22 August 2008

How To Level Faster in World of Warcraft

While this blog is primarily concerned with making gold in the World of Warcraft, I'm often asked by new players how to level faster. It seems that everyone wants to get their epic mount as soon as possible. It helps if you can make gold easily in wow but you don't need much if you want to powerlevel your character up through the ranks - at least through the early stages to level 40.

As a young Mage in my early levels I quickly realized that I had to level-up faster if I wanted the XPs to obtain more powerful spells and to craft higher level potions. Only then would I be ready to meet the Horde in battle, atop my epic mount, gaining honor with the Alliance and increasing my reputation with the Argent Dawn. Unfortunately, I spent too many game hours hanging out with guild friends in the Pig and Whistle and brawling with the Dwarves in Ironforge with the result that my XP bar crept up at a Gnome’s pace.

It's easy to get distracted in this way in WOW and is something that most players fall foul of after they have experienced the game for a short time. They soon get tired of running the long distances between towns and want to reach the first milestone of the game, when at level 40 they have the chance to buy their first mount. Leveling faster, or powerleveling, usually goes hand-in-hand with learning how to make easy wow gold which is something else that many players need to do given the 100 gold necessary for the purchase of a mount.

Now, it’s not hard to move up a level in the World of Warcraft, especially in the early stages of the game. You simply have to find some unsuspecting Kobold and bash it over the head - looting the corpse in the process! The end result will usually be a few copper coins and some XPs. After grinding a mob of the beasties, most player go up a level. But just grinding for XPs (or gold for that matter), is only half the story. To level faster, you must grind with a purpose - and that, friend, means questing.

When a player receives a quest they are usually told to go forth and kill twenty or so of those pesky Kobolds and take their candles as well! Once the quest is complete, they return to the quest giver who normally rewards them with additional loot and yes, XPs!

Questing is the key to leveling faster, for not only do you acquire XPs for grinding the mob, but you will normally acquire an equal number of XPs upon completion of the quest. The more efficiently a player can complete a series of quests in a given location, the quicker he or she will gain XPs and hence, level faster.

As I've mentioned in previous posts Getting to Level 70 in Double Quick Time there are some good tools and addons that can help speed you through the ranks. Team iDemise, of which I'm an affiliate, is one such guide and addon combined which allows you to bring up quest clues and maps in-game without having to exit game-play for any length of time. The more in-game information you have about the quest, the quicker you'll complete and the faster you will level.

Another tip that most players forget about in their goal to level faster is the ‘Rested Bonus’. Provided a player can spend the required number of hours in a tavern between quests, they will be ‘rested’ and their XP bar will turn blue. This means that that they will receive an bonus for every kill - usually half as many XPs again!

So, friend, if you are struggling to level then heed my advice. Don’t simply grind - but grind with a purpose. Complete as many quests in a location as you can at your current level before moving on to the next location, ensuring you are rested between quests.

so, perhaps my time spent in the Pig and Whistle wasn’t a complete waste of time after all?

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