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Friday, 22 August 2008

Big World of Warcraft Bags

Since reaching level 70 and buying my epic flying mount, I’ve been on the look out for bigger World of Warcraft bags to hold all my loot. When it comes to grinding and making gold, it’s best to take heed of the Horde in this matter who have a saying: ‘Da bigger da bags da better’!

As I’m hanging out less in the Pig & Whistle these days and spending more time in Outland, I’ve decided to partake in the hospitality of the World’s End Tavern in the Lower City of Shattrath and pose at the bar with the likes of Haris Pilton - socialite (someone who likes to pose in bars). Since patch 2.4.3 Haris is now able to sell you a 22 slot "Gigantique" Bag. This nifty looking number, hangs nicely off the shoulder and is perfect accessory for all level 70 Mages - but only if you can afford the 1200 gold!

The "Gigantique" bag is now the biggest general purpose bag on the market (excluding carfting bags which do come bigger), but if you don’t think a Haris Pilton original is worth the 1200g, there is still the option to go down market and opt for a 20 slot Primal Mooncloth bag which sells for around half the price at auction, depending on your server.

Now the nice thing about general purpose bags is that they are not tied to a particular character level. This means even low level characters can equip high-end bags with many slots such as the 16 slot Netherweave bag (around 4-5g at auction) and the 18 slot Imbued Netherweave bag (around 50g at auction).

Interestingly, the "Gigantique" bag is bind on equip, which means that in theory it can be traded in the Auction House. I’m sure that as more players with plenty of gold visit the World End Tavern and find Haris Pilton we may well see some of these bags up for sale. So far they have yet to appear at auction on my server.

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