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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

The World has changed. The Lich King Arthas is stirring and his armies of undead are unleashed. All life on Azeroth is threatened. The World of Warcraft needs heros.

Are you ready for Wrath of the Lich King?

On November 13th 2008 the long awaited expansion to World of Warcraft will be released, and the land we have come to know as Azeroth will be forever changed.

It was bound to happen. With every major release or patch of WoW there is some form of upheaval. We saw it with the Burning Crusade where the gold economy of the game shifted, and we saw it with the release of the Sunwell with the addition of daily quests and the gold obtained on quest completion.

And the same will happen with WotLK.

There is no doubt that WotLK will have a profound effect on the gold economy of the game and the strategies needed to level our characters. For one thing, the land of Northrend is entirely designed for level 68 and above. So, while it’s possible to purchase the expansion below this, your level 10 Gnome in shabby gear probably won’t be much of a match against a level 70 Death Knight with dark, necromatic power! This means that speed leveling your character to at least 68 is going to be essential if you want to survive the frozen wastes and the Arthas hordes of undead.

WotLK will also bring hundreds of new recipes and thousands of new items. This will have a profound effect on every part of the wow gold economy and we’ll see huge shifts in prices over the months as players join WotLK and the market settles (sound familiar).

One thing the beta players tell me is that the gold price of many items will be through the roof. We’re talking of thousands of gold for a simple ring. So if you thought 5000 gold for your epic flying mount was a push, you had better tighten your belt for WotLK!

The gold economy will also be affected by the addition of the the new Inscription profession. This will allow you to permanently enhance your spells and abilities. A sort of enchanting with steroids. Inscription will demand new materials and reagents as well as recipes - some of which will be hard to find. These reagents and recipes will command top prices on the Auction Houses of Nothrend for those who understand and know where to find them.

So are you ready for WotLK?

Here’s the good news. I’m expanding the Journal of Marcus Ty and WoW Gold Guide to cover the content and gold creating strategies of the Lich King. For those who have subscribed, get ready to receive updates to my Journal.

The Wrath of the Lich King is coming.

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