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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Gold Secrets of The Consortium Traders

If you read my ealier post on The Consortium you will know of their base, high up in The Stormspire of Netherstorm. Here is a short video of the traders that you should visit there.

How To Make Easy WoW Gold - The Burning Crusade

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You have found an extract from my Journal, one of many pages that were ripped free of my gold making guide in an attempt to guard them against the decaying hands of the Scourge as I lay with the resurrection sickness upon me at Lights Hope Chapel. It was while I rested there that news was brought to me of a strange new race of traders that had come to Outlands, known collectively as The Consortium.

Not much is known of The Consortium, except that they are exceptional smugglers, traders and thieves, as any as one might find, to rival even the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel. They are led by the infamous Nexus-Prince Haramad who is reported to hold domain over the great Stormspire in the heart of Netherstorm.

Heroic Alliance types that had taken up the banner against the Burning Legion and joined The Burning Crusade, first encountered these strange Ethereals at Aeris Landing in Nagrand. There they tell of a cunning trader who calls himself Gezhe.

To improve Reputation with The Consortium, Gezhe explained, is easy. Simply bring him supplies of Crystal Fragments , gathered in the region, around the mighty Oshu’gun or supply Pair of Ivory Tusk from the Wild Elekk of Nagrand for the ethereal Shadrek.

And you will quickly become Friends with The Consortium.

Now listen closely Friend, for there’s easy wow gold to made by gaining reputation with this bunch of horse traders, for the Consortium is well known for taking good care of its Friends and will reward you every month with bags of gems that increase in value as your Reputation rises.

Increasing Reputation with the Consortium will greatly enhance your gold making opportunities within Outland and will allow you access to Consortium rare patterns and recipes such as the patterns for Fel Leather Gloves and Boots sold by Consortium Quartermasters in Nagrand and Netherstorm.

To be granted access to the rare and epic patterns that the Consortium have to offer, requires you to be Honored, Revered and Exalted amongst them. To increase Reputation to these high levels requires that you run the deadly Mana-Tombs, found in the Bones Wastes near to the mighty ruins of Auchindoun. These are run in both normal and Heroic modes.

If running the tombs does not appeal, Friend, then you might like to take on Ogres of Nagrand who drop Obsidian Warbeads and which are highly prized by the Consortium, though why I haven’t a clue. Hand the beads into Gezhe who will grant you additional Reputation once you have reached Friendly status.

The Consortium are one of many factions now active in Outlands. By joining the fight against the Burning Legion on the Horde home world you will meet many more. I have written many entries in my Journal on these factions and on the gold making hints and tips of The Burning Crusade. So seek out my missing pages, Friend, by visiting the link listed in the box below and achieve gold mastery for you and your guild.