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Friday, 19 June 2009

Gold Farming With Fishing

Call me strange, but I've always enjoyed fishing in the World or Warcraft and especially in WOTLK.

And fishing has changed recently with the latest patch release, in case you haven't noticed?

I was propping up the bar at the Pig & Whistle (Stormwind), hanging out with my mates the Elves, when this Dwarf storms in looking all flustered and a might upset. In his hand he held the biggest fishing pole I'd ever seen.

"Blimey", I said, "that's a big en."

"No", said the Dwarf, "its called Big Iron."

The trouble with Dwarfs - now don't get me started - but they're not the most patient of types to - well fish! So I was a tad surprised to see this one armed with a fishing pole.

"So, Friend, what did you catch?"

The Dwarf fixed me with a steely glare. "I'm not fishing, you clown. I'm off to auction this Big Iron! But curse the sea Titans if they haven't nerfed my favorite fishing item!"

A collective gasp echoed around the tavern - which is no mean feat when it's full of drunken Elves.

"You don't mean Nat Pagle's been nerfed?" I nearly fainted.

"No, you idiot, Old Man Heming - Booty Bay"

Someone started yelling " OLD MAN HEMING'S BEEN NERFED!"

"No you bunch of morons. His book, his book - THE BASS AND YOU!"

I cursed - "Oh crumbs!"

"Call that a curse", said the Dwarf, "you've been hanging out with the Elves for far too long, Marcus Ty."

But he was right. No, not about the curse, but about Old Man Heming. You could always buy his book for 1g and sell it at auction for 3-5g. Easy money - if you knew where to find the book. And in World of Warcraft, some things are always hard to find.

Talking of which I meant to ask the Dwarf how he came by his 'Big Iron', but he had gone.

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Cheers Marcus

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