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Saturday, 22 August 2009

What's New In Patch 3.2

If you are regular World of Warcraft player you will have, by now, downloaded the later patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade. For those with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Crusader Coliseum has been completed giving rise to a new raid dungeon. There is also a brand new battleground - The Isle of Conquest - which is great fun for those who have yet to try it.

But in this post I'll talk about what I think have been some of the significant additions and changes when it comes to the wow economy and the making of easy wow gold.

The Economy Deflates
As new items are patched into the game, demand for these items rises rapidly as players learn how to gather or craft them. This in turn makes older items less desirable and their price falls. If you browse the Auction House on a regular basis you'll begin to notice the prices on many items begin to fall. If these items are crafted, then there will also be deflation on those materials needed to produce them.

Tip - keep your eyes open for items that suddenly start to appear cheaper. If you snap them up too early, thinking you'll make a killing on reselling them, you may end up holding 'lemons' and make a loss. Let the market settle down for a few weeks and prices will eventually find their new level.

Epic Gems
The items in big demand with patch 3,2 are the epic gems. These are obtained in the following way:
  • Prospecting Titanium Ore
  • Alchemy transmutations
  • Purchased with honor
  • Purchased with Emblems of Heroism
The prospecting of epic gems has caused a huge surge in the price of Titanium with players buying up as much as they can. Flying around Icecrown recently, I noticed the sky thick with miners, scouring the outcrops for elusive Titanium nodes.

Tip - You can also find Titanium nodes in and around the Sholazar Basin. It's a little less crowded.

Less Walking More Riding
But for me the most significant change has been lowering of riding levels. It's now possible to learn Apprentice Riding (skill 75) at level 20 for just 4 gold and by up an riding for a few silver more!

So what's the big deal?

Gaining access to a mount earlier in the game will greatly assist those players with the gathering professions (Mining, Herbalism and Skinning). Players will be able to scour zones more efficiently and quickly for materials than in earlier patches and thus more gold.

In addition, players should in theory level faster. No endless running between towns or zones to complete quests. Leveling should speed up greatly.

This is no bad thing - as Scot Mercer of Blizzard says: 'It's a long way from Auberdine to Astranaar!'

Tip - If you have already reached level 20, you'll received a Blizzard mail in-game telling you to go to a riding trainer. Make sure you learn Apprentice Riding as soon as you can. You will, of course need at least 4 gold!

Marcus Ty

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