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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

How To Create A Death Knight

With the Wrath of the Lich King just around the corner, I expect there will be a rush to create a Death Knight on every server. I'll turn up at Howling Fjord to find the harbor full of players, clanking around in their black armor.

But how do you create a Death Knight character?

Blizzard have kept it simple: if you have at least one character at level 55, you'll be able to create a Death Knight on the same realm (server). Players will initially be rationed to one Knight per realm - a case of one Knight is enough!

Any race can become a Death Knight, so things should get interesting. Initially, Death Knights enter the service of the Lich King and must do his bidding. Eventually, after a number of quests, the Death Knight has the option to break free and return to either the Alliance or Horde factions.

Getting to Northrend
For the Alliance, take the steamship from Stormwind harbor to Borean Tundra or from Menethil to Howling Fjord.

Horde take the Undercity Zeppelin tower to Borean Tundra and Orgrimmar zeppelin to Howling Fjord.

The Journal of Marcus Ty
It's interesting to note that when I first started writing my Gold Making Journal, I started my character at level 60 in the Eastern Plaguelands, at Light's Hope Chapel. The Warth of the Lich King takes me full circle and back to battle the Scourge. Watch this space as I update my Journal with fresh content of WotLK.

For The Alliance!

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