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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Auction House Secrets

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I’ve said this many a time, but it needs saying again: the easiest way to make gold in World of Warcraft is to work the Auction House. There’s no grinding, questing or raiding necessary and the trading of even the most expensive of items is independent of level.

What this means is that even a level 5 player, fresh from the starter zone, can trade with the best of champions at level 80. Of course, a level 5 player is unlikely to have amassed the same amount of gold compared to a level 80 - but the opportunity to make money by artful and skillful trading is the same.

Now, Friend, there a number of things that stump many new player when they first encounter the Auction House. They can normally be summed up thus:

What to sell?
What’s it worth?
What quantity to post?
When to post?
How long to post?

Even if players think they have something to sell, it can be very hard to work out it’s true worth i.e. its ‘market value’. To do this, a player would have to scour the Auction House listings - of which there are thousands - and find the most frequently quoted price on any given day (called the median price) and average this over several days for any given item.

If this sounds like hard work, it is!

Fortunately, there’s an addon that can loaded that makes valuing an item a snip. It’s called Auctioneer and can be downloaded free at curse gaming or

Take my advice, Friend, and download this addon today. It will transform your game - if you can learn how to use it. Many players load auctioneer and then wonder what to do with it or never use it to its full potential.

In my new guide, Auction House Secrets, I take you step by step through both the basic and advanced features of Auctioneer and show you how to automate your trading to just 15 mins a playing session. I also show you how to link the main trading strategies of the champions to the addon to max out your auctions.

Marcus Ty

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