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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Warcraft Companions

If you have merged your Blizzard account recently with your Battlenet account, then you will have been posted the complimentary pet called Mr Chilly. I thought this to be a creepy little devil and decided I'll just show you some of my other pets.

Two of these pets you can't find in-game; they come as complimentary gifts when you attend a Blizzard event. The cute polar bear in the video is for having an account for over 4 years, I think. It just turned up in the mail one day. Pretty cool!

The other pet is much better and is called Grunty the Space Marine. This was a gift from Blizzards recent Blizzcon on-line event. Grunty is a bit of a hoot.

The other pets can be obtained as part of the Mysterious Egg hatching. See my previous posts on the Mysterious Egg on Youtube in HD or on my previous posts.

Check out my video on Youtube in HD called Warcraft Companions or watch below.

Cheers Marcus Ty

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