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Friday, 12 December 2008

How To Make WoW Gold On The Southshore

A number of my subscribers have asked me how to make wow gold at a low level. So I've chosen the Hillsbrad Foothills and the Southshore as an example of a location where there is gold to be made - if you know how.

The Hillsbrad Foothills have long been associated with the Horde invasion and they have a strong presence in the northeast of the zone at Tarren Mills. The Alliance hang out in the south by the river at Southshore, a small hamlet with a strong reputation for Fishing and Cooking.

This is an excellent zone for both Horde and Alliance players who have reached level 30. Both factions will benefit from the tight number of quests in both habitations for leveling and this zone is abundant in animals, plants and minerals.

Making Gold With Herbalism

Those trained in Herbalism will make a ton of gold gathering Brianthorn, Speedthistle, Buiseweed, Wild Steelbloom and Kingsblood which are particularly abundant.

Making Gold With Fishing

The Alliance area of the Southshore is a great place to make gold from fishing. You'll find Donald Rabonne - Fishing Trainer - on the dock with sister Lindea Rabonne - Fishing Suppliers - if you need fishing lures to increase your fishing skill. Lindea also sells several fishing recipes, including Mithril Head Trout that sell well on the Auction House for several gold.

The shoreline just west of the dock is the Western Strand. This stretch of coast is abundant with shoals of Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper, both fish in demand by Alchemist and which sell well for several gold a stack at auction. In fact, you'll find several shoals of Oily Blackmouth just off the dock!

If you venture onto the Western Strand, you'll be sure to run into Murlocs. So make sure you pick up the several quests that would have you slaughter them. Pick up the Quest 'Down The Coast' from Lieutenant Farren Orinelle. Always try to kill something associated with a quest as you'll level faster in double quick time.

Armed with your trusty fishing pole, lures and quests, you can now set off along the shoreline of the Western Strand and fish for stacks of Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper. As an additional bonus you'll also find abundant floating wreakage which you can also fish. Few players realise that you can do this and miss out on the many 'Watertight Trunks' to be had which often contain much loot that you can sell at auction. On one outing I fished 20 bolts of silk and a stack of Medium Leather!

Making Gold With Cooking

The Hillsbrad Foothills is a great place to level your cooking. The area is abundant in Moutain Lion, Forest Moss Creeper and Elder Gray Bear, which at around level 25-26 are easy to kill. Alliance players should pickup the Quest 'Costly Menace' from Darren Malvew at the barn which will take you on a lion hunt. As a quest reward you'll earn the recipe for Tasty Lion Steak.

For the Horde, you should pick up the quest Elixir of Pain from Apothecary Lydon in Tarren Mill who will also have you hunt lion. You'll receive the recipe for Hot Lion Chops as a quest reward.

But the best beast to hunt is the Snapjaw turtle which you'll find all along the major river starting at Southshore.

Alliance should pick up the Quest 'Soothing Turtle Bisque' from Chef Jessen in town. This requires you hunt Snapjaws to acquire 10 Turtle Meat for the recipe 'Soothing Turtle Bisque'. This is a really easy quest given the large numbers of Snapjaw all along the river. You can sell the excess meat at auction or sell the recipe for several gold if you are not into cooking.

As a bonus, you'll find the river teaming with shoals of Sagefish which you can fish and sell at auction or cook into Smoked Sagefish which have great Mana producing properties. Herbalists should also be on the lookout for 'Liferoot' which grows along the banks of the river.

Have fun in the Foothills!

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