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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Ironforge Airstrip Runway Expansion?

From the Gold Making Guide and Journal of Marcus Ty

Welcome Friend,

You have chanced upon an extract of my Journal and World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide in which I have chronicled my trials at making easy wow gold. In this chapter I have stayed my hand at making easy wow gold to seek out the truth of the stories surrounding the Ironforge Airstrip.

Rumors are rife that the Dwarves of Ironforge are planning to expand the airstrip atop of Old Ironforge. This has caused a panic among the exiled Gnomes who feel they have been sold short by the new proposals and haven't been consulted.

The Frostmane Trolls are revolting (but we always knew that) and are planning a series of protests for fear that the frozen lake - sacred to many Trolls - will be concreted over to make room for the extra runway.

If you never knew of an airstrip atop Ironforge, then this short video will give you some idea of what is happening in this inacessible part of Dun Morgh. Getting there is another matter.

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