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Sunday, 2 December 2007

10 Top World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips

Here are some tips on making cheap World of Warcraft gold. You'll find a chest load more if you subscribe to The Journal of Marcus Ty - Gold Making Guide and search for all of my missing pages. In my Journal I layout for you the basic strategies for making easy wow gold.

1. Don't gear up too early. Avoid spending your gold on unnecessary gear during your early levels (1-20). You'll pick up most items for your level from quests and drops. Save your hard-earned gold for future investments.

2. Adopt a sensible combination of primary professions - one that gathers and one to craft the gathered material into useful gear and items to trade. The greater your skill in a given profession, the more valuable the items you will be able to craft.

3. Don't forget about the secondary professions: Fishing, Cooking and First Aid. There's gold to be made from them.

4. Seek out sought after patterns and recipes. Some of the best crafted items are learned from hard-to-find patterns and recipes - not from a trainer. Be on the look out for those cunning of traders, the Goblins, who often possess limited numbers of sought after patterns and recipes. You can make a ton of gold very easily by trading hard-to-find patterns - if you know their location. Fortunately, Valkor's Gold Guide lists all of the rare patterns and where to find them!

5.The bigger the bags the better. Save your gold and buy some really big bags as quickly as you can. You'll need them to hold loot from grinding, questing and gathering. Ask a friendly Tailor in your Guild to make you some if this is not one of your professions.

6. Use your friendly banker. Make good use of the Banking slots located in the capital cities to store items you can't use immediately. Start each round of questing, grinding and gathering with near empty bags.

7. Learn the Auction House. You must learn how to use the Auction House early on, for this is where you make most of your gold. Sell all Green, Blue and Purple items at auction (if you don't need them); Grey items are considered trash and can be sold to any vendor. The guide for the best Auction House strategies is Lukes’s Gold Guide who explains simple but effect strategies to dominate this part of the game. I use many of Luke's techniques to pile-up the gold and explain variations of them in my own e-guide.

8. Trash or trade? Remember, not all grey items are trash. Much mundane material is sought after for crafting. Research the Auction House and find out what is selling. Stone, for example, is widely used in Engineering and Blacksmithing.

9. Get the price right. Research the price of an item before you put it up for auction. Search for your item in the Auction House and make a note of the lowest and highest buyout price. Set both a bid and buyout price that is competitive - not too low and not too high.

10. Hawk your wares - by learning how to use the Trade Channel to shout about your auction items. Learn from the Goblins in this matter who often can be heard shouting - "We have what you need!"

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